The first social responsibility of eTukMinho, with your electric strategy is environmental sustainability.

Additionally developed useful protocols and solids in the social field, in particular by supporting the areas of disabilities and reduced mobility.

At the institutional level, the eTukMinho works in collaboration with several Institutions where are the following.

The ACARE, is one which supports the IPSS disability, rehabilitation and social inclusion, stimulating leisure activities, sports and training promoting conviviality, sharing and well-being of clients, family and friends. Facebook

The ADOC, is a Public benefit NGO working since 2000, in the area of intangible cultural heritage and the development of cultural routes for the mobility-impaired. In the field of the Intangible Cultural heritage of Culture, developed a collaborative platform:  counting on almost 3 million views where you can consult even scripts accessible in Braga. Facebook

The Association Salvador is a Private Social solidarity Institution that operates in the area of disabilities, and was founded by Salvador Mendes de Almeida in 2003. Its mission is to promote the integration of people with disabilities in society and improve your quality of life. Site