To act in an environmentally friendly manner, without air or sound pollution, the eTukMinho plan to improve your delivery service to customers while respecting the surrounding community, since, on the one hand, prevents the known complaints about the noise of the Tuk Tuks the fuel, on the other hand allows the occupants of eTuks if you listen and communicate better and with less effort, particularly pertinent when you receive foreign tourists.

The absence of noise nuisance still allows to eTukMinho play your activity during the night, without causing inconvenience to the residents in residential areas, and without the need for licensing.

The absence of air and noise pollution, allows the fleet of eTukMinho entering protected areas, buildings, residential areas, shopping malls and parks of exhibitions, among others, exponenciando your applications and breadth of business, particularly in the the area of the events, senior tourism and rental and marketing of eTuks.

The fleet of eTukMinho vehicles are part capable of responding to the needs of the public with disabilities and/or reduced mobility. The eTukMinho conducted tests and interventions of adaptability with the support of users of ACARE and ADOC, betting on the study and development of affordable adaptations of greater scope.

Being the National Park of Peneda Gerês – PNPG one of our strong areas of implementation, made all the sense in the big bet of eTukMinho in a electric fleet, ecological, environmentally friendly providing the preservation of the fauna and flora of this which is considered, by the UNESCO World Biosphere reserve.

Forming a group with the Spanish natural park of Baixa Limia-serra do Xurés nature reserve, the National Park extends from the Castro Laboreiro plateau of Mourela, covering the mountains of Peneda, Soajo and Gerês, Amarela.

It was the first protected area created in Portugal, being the only with the status of National Park, recognized internationally with identical rating, since your creation on the part of the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) due to your wealth of natural and cultural heritage, being one of the last strongholds of the country where they are in your natural state ecosystems, with reduced or no human influence, integrated in a humanized landscape .

So it is with great pride that the eTukMinho applied for and was recognized as nature tourism.