Nature Tourism Certification

eTukMinho develops tourist animation activities in places by intrinsic your devotion and beauty, are required as a mandatory reference marks and visit. These places, which are based on a religious basis/surrounding civil appeals from from green spaces and contemplative landscapes.

The activities carried out in areas integrated into the national system for hazardous areas (SNAC), lack of recognition by the Institute for nature conservation and forestry, I.P. (ICNF, I. P). This recognition, as nature tourism, works as a “seal” of good environmental practices and code of conduct to which these entities undertake to adhere, and made possible the use of a logo indicative of this specificity.

ETUKMINHO is certified by ICNF, i. P with the recognition of its activities as “nature Tourism”. This recognition entailed the formal adherence to a code of conduct (ministerial order No. 651/2009, of 12 June), and that it will comply fully with a set of related regulatory and corporate responsibility with good environmental practices within the your exercise activity.


Minho Innovation Consortium

Intending to become a quality reference in the segment of tourist animation, the eTukMinho established the geographical focus on your area of Minho, where it develops your activity in harmony with the Green and social strategies of the Minho region.

eTukMinho & Minho = Relationship Win  & Win

The importance attached by the eTukMinho to the development of this region, is reflected in the choice of the name and the type and form of the services we can provide:

  • “e” – for ecological, economic, strategic,;
  • “Tuk”-type of vehicle;
  • “Minho”-main implementation zone,

By your side, the region-in the figure of the CIM Alto Minho, Cávado Valley Intermunicipal community of the Ave – recognized the importance and usefulness of the company for your development, by accepting your candidature for the Minho Innovation Consortium, centered on a collective efficiency strategy of promoting tourism in the Minho and the brand “Minho”.

Mission of the Consortium is the structuring and implementation of an ecosystem to support the development of the destination and tourist Affairs from the resources of the territory, of shared narratives and a strong collective action.

The goals of the Consortium consist of: • Leverage private investment and attract new investors to the territory; • Improve the visibility and notoriety of the tourist destination and brand Minho; • Improve the lack of demand in relation to tourist experience; • Reduce tourism seasonality; • Promote the emergence of innovative offerings; • Increase the number of innovative start-ups in the area of tourism.

It is with great pride that the ETUKMINHO applied for and got to be part of this consortium, which has as its object, in accordance with point (b) article 2 of) Decree-Law No. 231/81, of 28 July, bring together the interests and media and convert the activities and capabilities Consortium with a view to additional submission of the application, the implementation of the strategy of Collective Efficiency MINHO innovation, dialogue with the managing authorities of the “2020 Portugal”, in particular, of the PO Regional “2020”, North and the coordination and management of the Partnership, according to the program of Action candidate for 2nd phase – Formal recognition of Collective Efficiency strategies PROVERE in the northern region.